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Coding method - was founded by doctor A. Dovzenko in 80s of last century,which has devoted to this problem more than 40 years. It is the most humane and fastest of all known in world practices. It is meant for relieving phisiological dependence of alcohol, smoking, gambling. It is made using different methods together, such as rational, hyphnosuggestic therapies and neirolingvistic programming. The method includes elements of stressful psychotherapy, but, and it is most important, to its help there is restoration and updating injured by alcohol and drugs cells of the brain. These zones of the brain are adjusted on a state of the biological activity of a mans birth. As a result the physiological bent for to alcoholic drinks or drugs leaves. The same happens with other dependences.

The treatment of alcoholic dependence is made using different methods together,such as rational, hyphnosuggestic therapies and neirolingvistic programming.

Advantages of the method:

- It is absolutely harmless and even acts positively on mentality of the patient.

- When a person is coded it does not cause a vomiting reflex,as it is after medical method of coding the patient is able to feel normally sitting at the festive table or even work as a barman.

- The coding is made during one session.

- Efficiency of the method makes 75-92% and depends on observance of recomendations and on the level of social stability in the country of residing.

- The method approaches for everybody,irrespective of nationality, male or female,educated or religious.

- The patient chooses validity of a code himself.( 3-5,10 years.)

Obligatory demands for the patient:

-A voluntary decision to be coded.

-Full refraining from alcohol during two weeks (granting a technique and the medicaments to help for abstention, intensive organism cleaning is possible.)

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